Human Capital and Employment Issues

(This article Dated was Published in the Newspaper of World by Gökhan TAŞPINAR on 20.12.2005 )

Human Capital, the people involved in the production and the people in a general sense, emphasizing the nature of “knowledge, skill, experience, dynamism”, such as the value of is defined as. According to the theory of classical economics, capital, participating in the production of machinery and equipment such as physical values are considered, the classic human capital economist although denial was ignored. Today, however, human capital's contribution to economic development is no denying that, inconsistent with economic reality. So much so that econometric research conducted with human capital as a result of causal relationship between economic growth has gained certainty. Also within the Deutsche Bank "Center for Global Growth," according to research conducted by in today's economy is the most important factor of production, "human capital" are to be expressed. "Human Capital" within the scope of the report, on the next five-year period of human capital, the healthy performance of the economy continued to grow, weak human capital of the economy will experience serious problems are noted.In developing countries like our country since the formation of the human capital is very active in the use of problems.


Despite economic growth, graduated each year 250,000 to most of the university graduates cannot find work, every day is a qualified army of the unemployed participated in a re environment, “with each of a university,” the slogan of 15 in the nearest time, the university's new how to open a rational approach, should be discussed. Although the enrolment rate of rise of the educational level of economic development of the criteria between yeralsa salt or university increase our number to be saved for economic development is not enough. However, improving the quality of education, effective use of human capital is also indispensable for economic development dynamics. The effective use of human capital in the wage has an important place. Therefore, perfonmance heart of a fee based on the regulation of the system, some micro-enterprises, macro basis and to increase efficiency in the economy, is be afforded an important contribution to economic growth. The wrong policy of wage in underdeveloped countries to accelerate the brain drain will be inevitable. In our country, a young recently graduated from university to work a minimum wage in the case may be. Especially experienced in the recent past, in the aftermath of the banking crisis, the balance between labor supply and demand, expense of workers, this situation occurs, the price of labor is also adversely affected, the real wage the level dropped to due to the crisis, tens of thousands of white-collar unemployed people, low-wage workers are forced to continue working. Such situation of university graduates employment prospects, reduced ultimately towards the developed countries have accelerated brain drain. The sis August/2005, according to data of the population living in cities and 12.3%, of the young population living in cities %and 23.2% unemployment. Underutilized human capital, which qualified iunemployment for the production of/the volume of investment by increasing the opening of the new employment and fiscal and employment policy of selective enforcement is extremely important.

People, education, and social value of investing in countries that do not vicious cycle of underdevelopment, the brothers also, it will be difficult. A country's welfare level of the most important factors in the rise of the knowledgeable and creative people is unquestionable. in the year 2000 in Germany 46,7 Billion USD 28 Billion in France USD in the Uk, USD 26.7 Billion r & d expenditure, while only in our country of 1.1 Billion USD in r & d expenditures is extremely thought-provoking. In this sense, the r & d work is of more importance to be given, the current quality of education in our universities to the level of international standards upgraded to the new projects, creative ideas for the production, giving support to the development of vocational education and training by increasing the effectiveness of the university to not be placed in these young people vocational training institutions to gain speed, and in this regard to be given from the budget allocated appropriations of increasing priority in education policy ix rights and obligations.

Especially vocational education is of great importance. Vocational/technical education high school graduates, the proportion of the population of OECD countries, on average, about 60%, when, in our country, this ratio is 25 %and the unemployment rate to be at the level of the relative high school and more than high school graduates focus groups thought-provoking. This
advanced vocational training in the countries of the model by taking the example of the driving force of the economy, especially smes, to be employed in the cultivation of young people in our economy, the dynamic will.

As a result, the Great Leader Atatürk, the Republic, while in the dream of economic independence and development line caught, the level of contemporary civilization, which has achieved high levels of education and welfare, inhabited by people of a country to rise to the level that constitutes a significant obstacle to solving the problem of employment and human capital development of the country effectively used for the purpose;Supporting the real economy and the economic policy should be brought to life effectively.Information, education and model-driven development of all segments of society in the direction of be imposed on the state itself must be involved, also by non-governmental organizations, this strategy should be supported. The quality of education in our universities to improve the level of international standards should be studied.Well-educated individuals in a society to give impetus to the development of the country in which, starting from the idea of the individual, of an active life-long education and training program participation should be encouraged, untrained individuals to avoid training and courses to be organized in the coming years, “educational campaign” declared education is an integral part of all sectors of society, by the adoption should be studied. The eastern and southeastern regions of our families with limited facilities for the training of girls education campaigns organized to continue the more school in order to increase the rate by all layers of society, support should be given. This area of our great sacrifice in difficult conditions, fulfilling the task of our teachers in order to improve living standards for their personal rights to be increased to an acceptable level should be studied. Vocational/technical training and support is given to this topic is insufficient to increase the workforce should be studied. Youth career choice, according to their abilities by promoting primary education, especially after the impact of the vocational training system are applied by a trained workforce for Turkish the social insurance institution to gain by the same also a solution to the employment problem may be a vocational training to the implementation of the model is of great importance. In the private sector as in the public sector “perfonmance heart of fee-based system” to be implemented, enterprises in the marginal productivity of labor is increasing in the direction of the human resources management solutions should be given weight. Of information technology, economic and effective use in the social field should be encouraged, in this regard, civil society organizations, especially the active conduct of a study. The economy of the country will contribute to the individual project and with the support of the inventions, the spirit of entrepreneurship by encouraging young entrepreneurs to set up a business that could support the project loan/financing models should be brought to life. Employment, to reduce the tax burden on tax policies, regulations, fiscal policy, just not for the purposes of disinflation at the same time increasing employment should be used as. Also, to increase employment for social security Legislation review of insurance premiums passed to it should be tried to be tailored. Little and medium-sized enterprises are the engine of the use of banks by foreign financial institutions syndicated loans low interest to be supplied by medium-and long-term investment/project financing in resolving problems, enlarged scale of the economy, in terms of production and employment to contribute more to be tried. Private and public institutions, r & d activities should be given more weight in each agency r & d work units will conduct must be established.“Priority development Area” in the revised model, this model is more effective and concrete way to ensure the implementation of this region in our encouragement of investments, the opening of new jobs, raising the level of welfare through employment only the problem is not at the same time, priority problems of our country from terrorism and the problem of rural to urban migration, the socio-economic repercussions will find a solution.

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