In our lives most of us not forget, forgiveness is enforced, there have always been people. This person, in connection with the events we have been treated, I think that to forgive these people bear in mind that even if you spend...We afraid of forgetting if we forgive..However, forgive, let us not forget the fear of not less but we live in the past, and didn't even remember people and events, though, and I refused to break off our karmic ties us captive until his death, and this is what leads to ties in the past because we live in painful events in connection with all the negativity, the negative energy we have asking for long time..we have this load... We get tired of, without pardon, we would like to forget but not forgive, we do this, we break the link again and again to experience the evils, injustices, and heard them, the hatred and anger...And really to the extent that we forgive, our feelings for us to manage our emotions instead of to establish dominion over it. This is the meaning of forgiveness in to liberate…

Besides, “excuse me if I wronged myself.” the biggest misconception forgive injustice by ourselves, in fact, and we do this within the helix angles, emotional tensions, hatred and resentment, as also all the negativity without being aware of it, we take a... It is scientifically proven as a result of psychosomatic origin of the disturbances we live, our health deteriorates...So forgive heal is actually... Forgiveness is related to the other misconception is that we never forgive we do not think about the person to repeat the mistake we make...It is the fear of fear is misplaced, and in fact, both of these people, both because of a mistake we made by forgiving ourselves can overcome it if you want. Hence the fear to forgive our hope is.

Another misconception is the pardoning of our people at the same time it is injustice to us that we allow, thus compromising our personalities, we will give the direction of our fears that this sense of forgiveness; Publilius Syrus said; “the Strong get stronger.” So forgive reaching maturity. On the other hand, affedinc stupid to put the illusion of a human experience. However, Thomas Szasz’in like “what Stupid people will forgive nor forget; the pure human forgives and forgets, intelligent man forgives but does not forget.”And, most difficult of forgiveness of ourselves is actually....A lot of us is unable to do so...Ourselves to forgive the absence of inner balance is disrupted, not at peace with itself is restless This sense, the Confucius; “He who has to forgive all the flaws can be forgiven.” so as to forgive penalized by ourselves, we would already..

As a result, to forgive ourselves, we do the greatest good, and to forgive. by the same hatred and anger for many years for our moving, we block our happiness without being aware of it.. In this sense, our moving and hatred; by forgiving, liberating, getting lighter, and our love of the segments to increase our happiness, we have a beautiful day to spend in our own hands. So I want to share with you a beautiful story is told of forgive describing the virtues… A high school teacher of a course proposal:"A life?" Students love the teacher of this proposal, and agree to, without hesitation. "Then, after that, what you will say or promise". Students they do it. "Now that tomorrow, your homework, be prepared. Tomorrow all of you a plastic bag, and five pounds of potatoes will bring you!" Students, many did not understand anything. But the next morning all of them on the order of potatoes and bags ready. Him with curious eyes facing the students, the teacher says: "Now, so far you have refused to forgive a potato for each person, then the name of the person that put huge amounts of effort into." Some students sacks, three-five-one potato, while some of the bag is filled almost to the brim. The teacher, "now what?" he says as minister to the students of the second: "for A week, wherever you go, with this bag you will carry. Lying in bed, you ride a bus to school, while the top of your order, they will be with you always." A week has passed. The teacher of the class on which it enters into what is called the student may begin with: "Sir, this is heavy enough to carry the bag too hard.", "Sir, potatoes began to smell. People are weird, they are looking at me now..” "And we were bored, both tired?" Teacher smiling students in the following courses:"So you see, to forgive by the principal punishing ourselves. Ourselves, our souls, to carry heavy loads, we are doomed. Forgive the other person as a gift, we think, however, that to forgive ourselves in the beginning, we did a good deed."


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