"Forget the past and present. Because if you lose the last fight between today and tomorrow. "Balzac

If we're stuck on yesterday, as specified by the Balzac plans we can waste tomorrow we live, it's very nice. So what made this day is tomorrow, yesterday, nor live. This does not mean that future plans do not, in a way, irresponsible Drifter. In the past, we are the best tomorrows suffering anymore. Especially from the past with a vengeance and hatred within, many diseases can affect our lives as the trigger. In this sense, no matter how heavy the load of the past, today's and tomorrow's health, joy and happiness and that's hard to live with. Master of verse, such as the poet Ümit Yaşar OĞUZCAN; “Yesterday is a leaf to how a dry fall. Isn't it nice to find this day tomorrow. "

Usually we have a mistake in the past we have regrets, we blocked this day what a pity of sighs. Yet despite that Imam Ali as he said;"Yesterday, tomorrow is not clear. If he is to this day and this day to look ". I mean, actually, filled with regret, and we're just useless regrets this day tomorrow. While plotting the future of present and past editing what you consume...In fact, today's human-being is rapidly consuming the future. As both material and spiritual, this day count, instead of living tomorrow we consume. Today we are one of the most popular tools for the first time among the ranks of television. Only 15 seconds a day to read the book, watching television, at least 3 hours ... The worst of their bad example to our children as we spend wasting our time, we set the fate of the next generation, and so on. Without our sense, we are aware of the stories of other people's lives, indexed arrays, without actually running the future unwittingly stuck in the vortex. Therefore, while the present qualified to do things, learn new things, spend quality time with our loved ones, for example, spend time with the best. And just live for today, everything we keep changing our environment and ourselves according to others, or have taken, healthy living, just being aware of the moment, without financial concerns and fears of internal peace, unconditional love, kindness, sharing and free people, and spend the day in the most efficient way, to accept people without judging them, without joy and enthusiasm and concern for tomorrow without yesterday until the end of the best live. William Shakespeare said; "brush to stars, without realizing it. İn your lap of the Sun, you never know. A childlooks to your eyes but behind you. Based on her lungs, the Orchestra. A big love is Live until you are, meaning minority, flies, you better run, you can't. " Indeed, it is a fuss about chasing something in cultivation; we do not even notice the color of the flowers in parks passed . The roads on the edge of the trees, the flowers, the leaves into wonderful energy emitted by the nature around us, in short, the beauties and unaware. Our looking is innocent, pure, innate; nervous, shy, sometimes angry, aggressive, and sometimes pointless, staring eyes? We don't trust ourselves to others, or even to life, even. When we got home from work each day, negative energy all wrapped up, angry, full of hatred and hatred of our inner selves. Met expectations for life, our environment and ourselves from life giving. We don't feel safe, it's going to be waiting for vigilant as bad things. We don't know what we're up against, seeing continuous killings, rapes, violence around us quite rightly we have concerns. Our children are the future of course, curious. Living on the verge of such a problem and concerns and, unfortunately, we are unable to notice the riches we dry our happiness in our lives the way our life. In short, all human life, in fact, spend the day in the most efficient way in the most efficient way or equivalent. In fact, it's the greatest experience, a significant portion of his life in prison, the inmates. Although the day had a desire to live beyond the wall of the prison to attend preparatory school, what limitations will usually be found at painful. For many years in prison for the rest of that experience as for Nelson Mandela; "I learned a lot not to think about the importance of living and tomorrow should be the day," he has a great experience in this topic, but the pain.You don't have to be necessarily doomed to experience I think.The best day, moments full of live, as they should be, so we want to laugh, cry or even, but life fellow of feel the best. So as I said to Jean de La Bruvere; "There were three events alone for people: to be born, to live and die. People are not aware had been born for fear of death, suffering and often forget to live. “

According to the results of their research, the scientists actually to get the greatest pleasure from life health-related living and adhering to strict enough. So let's get our philosophy of life as much as we want without having to extend the diet? ...In fact, a very long life, best live like this instead of the elapsed time qualified? I mean quality, quality is more important. Depressed and unhappy, what's the point of living to 100 years? In this sense, it is very important how you look at life. Because the beauty of the colorful life points, losing sight of our time, too, just to hang out and he lives more important than gray spots. Another important point is to be thankful.Thank goodness we have the quality of life that even the breath brings, in fact. All around us, constantly complaining, not at peace with itself dissatisfied people's lives in this sense is a good example. These people unfortunately says what’s a pity, regrets and complaints come in. They complain and complain every time they have problems by changing the shape of their lives and find out these people.

Another issue that we are exaggerating how much , or as well as our welcome to problems. This also relates is understand how to the events. Overrated issues that poison our lives. In this regard, I have a method that I applied my problems when I looked at the date the future today will look like to me, I try to think about understand how to these issues. So I try to look at the past from the future.It really upset me to lift my spirits, problems, or in fact in the form of growing problems of dishonesty and more than usually is effective.

The meaning of living Life enjoyment density, present another case that increases the awareness. According to Dr. John Kabat-Zinn ' awareness; in order to present the main focus our attention in to concentration a way without trial. " I mean awareness"at the moment what I live?" is the best answer to the question on behalf of the feelings and thoughts find the observation of a mental condition that is obtained through what you feel, what you see right now, what is that thou hast heard the phenomenon.,Awareness, feelings and thoughts, denying , not to be under attack, does not attempt to suppress or run away, marginalised or trying to not to escape. Thus, the negative feelings such as anger, sadness, anxiety, make it more tolerable, looking more positive, more to live a happy life can be continued. Of course, all of this is related to the internal control internal control force as we focus our passion, our angry, our confusion, it would be easier to take control of the briefly ego. I mean, without the need to fight with ourselves, our ego dictate easier, allowing us to live a more simple life and when we start to see more rich world as children.

In other cases, because true art is naturality. People living on their own, as well as happier. Because I live for others, one of them live as it comes. How to care for others, without the concern of shaping their lives accordingly.Research shows that chronic depressives usually devoted themselves to others, as the Angel of goodness. But they complain that they can't and never paid off, their morale is broken and chronic depression. Nobody can say no to a big sacrifice for others and all the people living for approval by showing they need. And when they get depressed thinking Award ' ingratitude. Therefore, dedicate your life to someone else, to live for others, simply drop the very dangerous to take pleasure in life, sacrifice, mobilization of the fallacy as a phenomenon that can paralyze our lives.

As a result; to improve our quality of life;

Our past, our future planning to live in the moment without concern of editing,

We live, as the judge ego domination and

To live for ourselves, not for others,

To Forgiveness,

Should rather be happy than to be right,

To love for unconditional,

When necessary, no concern, being able to get rid of the mighty,

Anxiety, anxiety and fears and inner peace of mind should work to increase,

To give thanks to God,

Instead of watching TV, reading a book with a lot more time to spend,

A thousand kinds of beaming everything plans without desire, decide to work as soon as possible,

As any one of us to act to get rid of the natural, patterns,

Share our happiness and our sad stories,

Others must learn to manage their emotions and thoughts, rather than manage,

We need to give ourselves to others, first of all, instead of judging the second-guessing.


17,07,2011  Gökhan TAŞPINAR

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