The name of the gold letters on the history of philosophy, the architect of the "idealist philosophy" , Platon (427-347 BC) acquired knowledge from his teacher, Socrates, and throughout his life with the hardware as a deus ex machina, a real prude, this within the framework of the model developed by examining the ethical theories of the weighted thoughts. The main purpose of philosophy, according to Plato, the happiness of the people and build a competent life. A competent life, however maintaining a virtuous life can be achieved. Indeed, all around us, for the purposes of the blackened spirits, manipulative people, selfishness, each vehicle is permitted machiavellian, that people's get greedy away from the Loveless lives alone, sharing the material's possible and they were clearly unhappy.

Am I supposed to according to the virtue Foundation; "information"is the assurance; "immortality" type. Platon Socrates's "virtue" has developed a thesis by examining in depth. People with justice, wisdom, courage, moderation and wisdom. According to him; "GOOD; the right to life is the ultimate goal of precise criteria and... " Lavender was within the framework of this valuable feedback, love hearts, full of love and knowledge of the fact that the illumination of the minds of people at the same time, I think it's fair to say that they are virtuous people. In this sense, a moral person is to be more spiritual, material which is close to the request. The most important feature that distinguishes people in good faith this is reflected directly in the behavior and intentions to other people is a right. I sense that people think it is an important link between his life with.

What is a functional phenomenon of rational nor virtue. For example, a rational approach to reality what mold can't explain is charitable. Moral attitudes, life is not a philosophy of life that the preference or function. This is a philosophical or political preferences, behaviors, rather than the result of childhood upbringing and doctrine. A nobody if at an early age, to fulfill its promises, to help others, not to say lying, people share a philosophy of life, years later, is imposed not to exploit and political preference, regardless of all the characteristic features of these teachings, as human life will be permanent. The virtuous life, it is not systematic and rational, functional, but exceptions to this pragmatic people pretending to be "virtuous person" means to reach the objectives of which should not be ignored.

You must not confuse religion and ethics are like that; The Qur'an-Sura 60 Virgin Mary in the verse mentioned; "However, that believes in repentance and good works are exceptional. People who engage in this kind of cruelty, and no do not see heaven. " So, repent and believe is be shorted of however to be moral is the most imprtant at the same time.Again in the Quran; "If you dont spend your favorite things for the sake of Allah to others toward righteousness, you have fail to reached the real." (Al-İmran: 3/92) "O you who believe, you have beautiful things and spend your finished products from the soil, but don't be shy to spend for others and you can't even say, do not select the bad stuff that you can't look." (Baccarat: 2/267) to be explicitly stated in the form of to be able to get the good faith and the moral is not enough to. People have to share the assets of the charity must also convey that this is a priority in the sense that no indication is indisputable. I mean, first of all, be a moral God in your prayers have been answered, and find the place of worship. A human being is not deceiving people, and if you are honest, even if I think how worship does not provide any benefit. Therefore, I would prefer a decent ateist, a corrupt prayerful. Today, examples of this too. In terms of religious and moral themselves may be religious beliefs is weak weak people, all kinds of sacrifice and work for others, with solidarity, or it could be people ready to share. In this context, the right of people not to think that the criteria that should be of virtues of piety to the culture of Anatolia, marked the MEVLANA also; "The generosity and help to be like streaming, compassion and mercy, as to be like the Sun, be like others flaw, rage and fury-concealing night dead, modesty and humility be like Earth, like the sea for tolerance or as you are, or what you seem." do you mean it's not religion, no indication of virtue with mentions. Again, this supports the thoughts of writers RUSSELL GOUGH says in his book your character is your fortune "with the right to know what is good and Right and the best thing to do is the most important connection between; right, and what is good is to have a character to do. If the character doesn’t improved, be charged is nothing. And Let's Not Forget; the gentlemen who robbed the Siphoning of Banking, State, for the sake of the homeland out of the fields, bribing match sellers, Quiz makers, are also encouraged; walk into someone they was always educated individuals... " I mean, not a selfish person who thinks himself the benefit of virtuous actions wants to take up education, academic career, Professor, have completed the title always will prefer objectivizm to hümanizm. in the direction of Roosevelt. " To educate a menace to society not only mentally, morally educating a person to gain.



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