"Any time isn’t late to ask for am I ready to transform myself to change my life. How old if we let it, no matter what we are able to be renewed completely. It’s pity, If is a single day again of the previous day. Every moment must be refreshed in the every breath. Before you must die for a brand new life to be born "Sems’i Tebrizi

An important part of learning and working, catching job, slew of places, day of our life after our bodies are tired of declining as a result of this mental fatigue, while following the departure from moral disorder, stress, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders, divergence of essence. In the morning, waking up tired and unmotivated, low energy, showing symptoms such as inability to enjoy life in this most recent external factors and the source of the disease of the age and starting drug treatment as the principal solution to their ignore problems caused by us, we are looking for happiness or unhappiness at the outside ...So what's all this, what is the essence of the work, a better understanding of what was happening to go down, searching for the actual treatment outside of healing within ourselves to see that we are aware of what is stored, or are we aware?

* Are we aware? is our unhappiness spring up from our senses no others?

* Are we aware? Our happiness should be increased with to share, Our unhapiness should be increased the selfishness

* Are we aware there are things much more important than money in our life?

* Actually a very delicate line on the Death with life line that actually are we aware?

* Are we aware? Our dissatisfaction with how meaningless while a child dies every five seconds in the World therefore hungriness,

* What a great grace of God breathing are we aware?

* Are we aware of gives peace of mind to give thanks?

* Are we aware of the source of life create value?

* Are we aware that the architect of the failure of the learned despair?

* Are we aware unconditional love may increases our happiness?

* Are we aware are our ambitions be blunted to our souls?

* Are we aware of what a great virtue of learning?

* Are we aware we can see to be ignorant how much of the fact that quite knowledge ?

* Are we aware really how much point to smaller place line what obstinacy to our egoism of Inflated?

* Are we aware so much unhappy therefore being justified anxiety to move?

* Are we aware that no winner of the wars of the power?

*Are we aware to realize ourselves is the most important obstacle in front of the our personal success?

*Are we aware of the linear relationship how Excessive expectations between unhappiness?

* Are we aware should our peace and hapiness be increased to plainly to make helpfulnes and charity?

* Are we aware the reason of dissappointment should the mighty being anxiety?

* Are we aware to powerfull why to say “no”

* Are we aware the forgive’s mean isn’t to forget , we should be liberation so firstly need to start work on ourselves ?

* Are we aware to excessive feelings of resentment would be aware of the source of the disease was an absolute?

* Creating a special living area to ourselves, how important are we aware?

* Are we aware the attention to detail for a long time so we should miss the big picture?

*Are we aware of the troops back to the owner of bad?

* Positive fact of being is easier than negative thinking so start to work with smiling are we aware?

* Are we aware? When we don't realize peace with ourselves we dont realize peace with others?

* Are we aware the person who wants to see not "ourselves" from others?

*Are we aware our happiness should be increase living for ourselves rather than living for others

* Are we aware of unhappiness therefore disingenuous relationships ?

*Are we aware to restless of source is want to the more highly appreciated ?

* Are we aware the tolerance is the largest virtue of proven for centuries?

* Pure and strong intention signalled that all doors are we aware?

*Are we aware should be grow stronger what to do right things and good character?

* Use the power of the money request is actually aware of weakness indicator?

* The most important treasures of knowledge and virtue are we aware?

*Aware of the need to educate our children is educate to morally before mental ?

* Continuous pursuit of pecuniary interest and interest on the basis of very unhappy people are we aware of the responders?

* Are we aware to punish ourselves therefore dont forgive otherselves, so we are actually the biggest favor we realize ourselves?

*Are we aware to lighten ourselves why clean to our fears?

*How important are we aware to grasp the meaning of the name of the main focus in the present life?

* Are we aware to try to plan in the future or hang out in the past so we should be missed the present?

*Are we aware to judge so we should be unhappiness?

* Are we aware to be greatest happiness when we should spend time with our loved ones?

*Are we aware that self knowledge’s mean is define our lives actually?

All these questions without waiting for miracles in our lives we will give positive responses, in other words, will determine the degree of realization of our quality of life as well. So make it harder or easier our lives, we have to beautify or disfigure our life...Decision on our ...


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