Implications of Basel II Process to The Turkish Banking System (This article was published in the World Newspaper on 30.01.2007)


The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, banking supervision, and in order to ensure that international cooperation in the countries of the G-10 Central Bank Governors in December 1974, by the "banking regulation and audit Practices Committee" (Committee on Banking Regulations and Supervisory Practices). The Committee in countries (Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States), the national banking supervision and control authorities and central banks are being represented by senior officials.

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Human Capital and Employment Issues

(This article Dated was Published in the Newspaper of World by Gökhan TAŞPINAR on 20.12.2005 )

Human Capital, the people involved in the production and the people in a general sense, emphasizing the nature of “knowledge, skill, experience, dynamism”, such as the value of is defined as. According to the theory of classical economics, capital, participating in the production of machinery and equipment such as physical values are considered, the classic human capital economist although denial was ignored. Today, however, human capital's contribution to economic development is no denying that, inconsistent with economic reality. So much so that econometric research conducted with human capital as a result of causal relationship between economic growth has gained certainty. Also within the Deutsche Bank "Center for Global Growth," according to research conducted by in today's economy is the most important factor of production, "human capital" are to be expressed. "Human Capital" within the scope of the report, on the next five-year period of human capital, the healthy performance of the economy continued to grow, weak human capital of the economy will experience serious problems are noted.In developing countries like our country since the formation of the human capital is very active in the use of problems.


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