The name of the gold letters on the history of philosophy, the architect of the "idealist philosophy" , Platon (427-347 BC) acquired knowledge from his teacher, Socrates, and throughout his life with the hardware as a deus ex machina, a real prude, this within the framework of the model developed by examining the ethical theories of the weighted thoughts. The main purpose of philosophy, according to Plato, the happiness of the people and build a competent life. A competent life, however maintaining a virtuous life can be achieved. Indeed, all around us, for the purposes of the blackened spirits, manipulative people, selfishness, each vehicle is permitted machiavellian, that people's get greedy away from the Loveless lives alone, sharing the material's possible and they were clearly unhappy.

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In our lives most of us not forget, forgiveness is enforced, there have always been people. This person, in connection with the events we have been treated, I think that to forgive these people bear in mind that even if you spend...We afraid of forgetting if we forgive..However, forgive, let us not forget the fear of not less but we live in the past, and didn't even remember people and events, though, and I refused to break off our karmic ties us captive until his death, and this is what leads to ties in the past because we live in painful events in connection with all the negativity, the negative energy we have asking for long time..we have this load... We get tired of, without pardon, we would like to forget but not forgive, we do this, we break the link again and again to experience the evils, injustices, and heard them, the hatred and anger...And really to the extent that we forgive, our feelings for us to manage our emotions instead of to establish dominion over it. This is the meaning of forgiveness in to liberate…

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