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Atatürk broken ribs fell off his horse shortly after selected to chief commander in 1921 .While The Greek army was attacked, recovered in a short time to go to the front this time. The army needs to head, the army must pass. In a few days to go to the front line after leaving stint Ms Fikriye wants to Ataturk, a lot of pain, so to rest some more. Atatürk's precise and clear expression and raised a smile; "That is war bre girl! would you ever? Save my life and then you lose your country.." said and left from his villa…

This excerpt from the book the most influence at the Gazi Pasha, as can be seen, even in their own country and, above all, Salvation, it is very important to us, the superior health lectures. All values are kept on your personal interests, preferences, nowadays, Attila İLHAN, Gazi Pasha's the Atatürk and his beliefs and values, with privation and misery thanks to the incredible sacrifice of our people within the miracle can be called a war is won, and created to how a nation from nothing all clarity and also with pronounced naturally should think again about putting out a slap in our faces. Unlike the stereotypical statements in his book, Attila İLHAN is extremely natural, simple expressions are used, has avoided the exaggeration. Extremely engrossing book is I suggest if you haven't read it, the Gazi Pasha.

“You guys, I mean the new Turkey's young sons! Even follow me if you'll be tired. Those who decided to walk to me, condemning my soul, never, and never get tired. The Turkish youth class reunions, our high ideal, tirelessly will walk. “ Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

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